Nov 18, 2022 · Wendy Scholten

Last Sunday we received a lovely message from the Italian Syria Carnio. Last year, she purchased the 7yo Kosstello (Calvino Z x Carthino Z).
“A fantastic horse. I’m sending you the video of today’s 1.35m Grand Prix!” It looked amazing! Syria also send us a photo and a review…
“Buying a horse from a video is not easy at all, but knowing that horses are carefully chosen for both health and talent helps in finding the perfect match. I am happy to have purchased a horse at with a big heart, ready to cooperate and grow more and more! Kosstello, the horse I bought at last year’s auction already showed a lot of strength and quality at only 6 years old. That is why we followed the auction and then decided to purchase him. The transport, organized by was done to perfection. In less than a week the horse was in our stable in Italy."
"We started in December last year with 1.20/1.30m courses and are competing at 1.35m level since June. He is showing strength, courage, a good head and everything it takes to be a fantastic companion.
The decision was also made looking to the future and to allow us to grow together.”
Wow Syria, we wish you all the luck!

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