We've received many questions from you and we thought it would be a good idea to post them online including our answers. Good luck with the bidding!

Check here for our auction conditions

What is the procedure after the auction?
If you win the auction, you will receive an invoice from us. Once this has been paid, the horse can be picked up. We are happy to help you with the shipping. We have a worldwide network of horse transporters, so that your new purchase will be delivered at your stables with the best care, anywhere in the world.

After registering as an online bidder, I didn't get a verification?
Send a SMS or Whatsapp to +31627622792 including your name and email address and we will help you with this.

How can I bid without checking all the time?
So, instead of bidding with the minimum amount each time, you can also upgrade your bid with the plus sign so you will not get overbid so quickly.

How does it work with the VAT?
When you live outside the EU and import the horse as soon as possible, you don’t have to pay VAT (tax). When you live in the EU and have a VAT number as company, you can get the VAT back. Horses on our website with 21% VAT are owned by company owners, horses without VAT are from people without a company. Our marketeer Wendy Scholten published the article 'Do I have to pay VAT over an auction horse?' on www.horseauctions.eu.

Where can I find the X-rays?
When you are registered on the website, you will get acces to all X-rays of the auction horses. Most people like to show them to their own vet, but if that's not possible you always can ask us for advise. Our vets views all X-rays. So, if you want to know more about it, give us the name(s) of the horses and we'll send you their opinion. Click here to see on which symbol you have to click for the X-rays (video)

Can you organize the shipping?
We can organize all things on this end for shipping . Let us know if you have anymore questions. If you want to know more about the prices, please contact transport company International Horse Service.

What are the costs to keep the horses with you to get started and broke?
It's no problem to leave the horses as long as you like for training or rearing. We do this all the time. Prices are 150-200 euro for field, 250-400 euro for a box and turn-out and 1.000 euro for training per month. Prices are excl. vet and farrier bills.

Are the horses insured?
Our horses are not insured. Of course you are free to do so yourself. We are glad to help you with that if needed.

Do you also auction horses from other owners?
Yes, we'll always create the possibility for other people to put their horses in. You can subscribe your horse via our website. We have a strict rule, that the horse is to our standard. So, it must be a horse we would buy with our own money.

Is it possible to sell a horse from outside Europe on your platform?
We have 1 requirement: the horse has to come to our selection / video day. We want to see the horse with our own eyes. There are auctions with horses from their own country and abroad, pure selected on videos, but that’s not what we want. Sellers can skip jumps in a video and than we are missing important information about the horse.

If there is only one bid for a horse and that is only a bit more than the starting price, will you sell?
We started the auction with the intention of selling all horses. We hope for fair prices and that seller and buyer are happy. Sometimes the price of a horse is a bit disappointing, sometimes it is a very good one. On average we are very satisfied. If there is only one offer, we would still like to sell.

If the seller didn't like the price of the last bid, what do you do?
The seller can always buy the horse back if he or she is not satisfied with the bid, but the seller's intention is always to sell. It often happens that a horse was sold, despite the seller's hope for a better price.

How come some of the horses in the auction were already sold in a previous auction?
Unfortunately, we are experiencing that some buyers do not finish the game. They may have had the highest bid, but decided not to pay or they can no longer be traced. To help the sellers of the horses, we sometimes add these horses to a next auction collection again as an extra service. We fully support the quality and health of these horses and are convinced that the buyers will be very happy with them.

Do you sell horses with remarks on the X-rays?
Yes, sometimes there are little remarks. It is important that we would buy the horse ourselves and stand behind it. They must be suitable for the sport and also be re-saleable. You can have the X-rays assessed by your own vet or ask us what the opinion of our vets is.

What price range do the horses normally sell for?
Because we always have a varied collection: From 5,000/6,000 euros to a higher price range.

I'm wondering how the insurance works on the implanted embryos (12% of purchase price)?
Insurance company 'Equipe Paardenverzekeringen': The implanted embryo’s are insured until 1 year after the transplantation date, normally the foal is about 6 weeks old at that time. The following risks of the (unborn) foal are insured: stillbirth, emergency euthanasia and mortality due to and illness, accident etc. Vet fees are not covered.
You have several frozen straws for sale in the breeding auction, but what means ICSI free?
That you can use the straw for ICSI and produce more foals without paying extra for each pregnancy. If you buy it from a stallion stud you have to pay extra fees for every pregnancy.

What are the cost for shipping a horse to the USA?

Destination Flight costs Health papers Transport Stabling Quarantaine arrival      
Miami € 6.250.-  € 250.-  € 250.-  € 100.-  $ 3250,00      
Los Angeles € 6.350.-  € 250.-  € 250.-  € 100.-  $ 3250,00      
New York € 4.550.-  € 250.-  € 250.-  € 100.-  $ 3250,00      
1. Prices above are excluding US customs processing fee         
2. Prices may vary each month. We recommend to ask Horse Service International (HSI) what the final price will be.  
3. For mares & stallions there will be additional qaurantaine costs (CEM). Please contact HSI or your own agent
4. (Young) horses can stay in training or can be reared in the Netherlands **      
 5. To avoid extra costs regarding CEM quarantine, stallions can be castrated before import. Cost standing castration is approx. 250 euro **    
** Please contact Mario Everse for the possibilities.      

What are the cost for shipping a horse to Canada?

Destination Flight costs For geldings: Health papers incl. tests and quarantaine For mares & stallions: Health papers incl. tests and quarantaine Transport to quarantaine Transport to airport Quarantaine arrival
Calgary € 6.750.-  € 975.-  € 1200.-  € 300.-  € 475.-  Excl.
Toronto € 5.600.-  € 975.-  € 1200.-  € 300.-  € 475.-  Excl.
1. Prices above are excluding customs processing fee Canada      
2. Prices may vary each month. We recommend that you ask Horse Service International what the final price will be.


What are the cost for shipping a horse to Mexico? 

Mexico Flight costs Health papers incl. tests and quarantaine Transport to quarantaine Transport to airport Quarantaine arrival
geldings € 6.500.-  € 1.6500.-  € 400.-  € 500.-  Exclusive
mares & stallions € 6.500.-  € 2000.-  € 400.-  € 500.-  Exclusive
1. prizes are for 1/3 stable in aircraft      
2. Prizes above are excl. Mexico custom processing fee    
2. Prices may vary each month. We recommend to ask Horse Service International (HSI) what the final price will be.
Several other shipping costs:
To Sweden: Malmö (500 euro), Göteborg (600 euro), Jönköping (650 euro), Stockholm (900 euro), all excl. VAT. Koekkoek International Horse Transport organises transport every Thursday
To Egypte: approx 4.250 euro
To Great-Britain: approx 410 euro
To Puerto Rico (via Miami): approx 9.000 euro excl. quarantaine
To Riyadh (Saudi Arabia): approx 6.300 euro incl. customs and the import permit

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