Feb 9, 2022 · Wendy Scholten · Digishots · Youngsters & ridden 5 february- 8 februari 2022

The 19th on Tuesday 8 February showed abundant growth. For almost one million euro horses were effectively sold to seventeen different countries. New buyers came actively shopping, but also earlier clients logged in online and claimed showjumping talents.

“This was such a great auction. The collection was quite big, so you need a lot of buyers that bid against each other, but they were there at the right moment. We did receive quite a lot of phone calls from people who wanted extra information, but you can see that it is mostly the people without questions that manage to buy the horses. One thing is sure, there is a lot of confidence in our auction and we are pleased with that”, is the comment from Mario Everse, together with Alan Waldman the motor behind

For the first time the X-ray reports were published online. “It turns out that most people only study the information at the last minute and are then too late to ask their own vets to assess the X-rays. They can ask us what our vets’ findings are, but the telephone lines got red-hot. I thought: if we put the reports online, the phone calls will get less. But we would like to stress that people ask their own vets to assess the X-rays, so that there are no questions afterwards”, says Mario Everse.

55.000 euro
Auction highlight of the evening was the 5-year-old Maximus (Glasgow van ’t Merelsnest x Carolus II) for 55,000 euro, to the great joy of the young seller and his friends. “We received a video via Whatsapp to show how happy they were”, says a smiling Mario Everse. Big chance that we will hear again of this Maximus, for he has everything to make him a winning hunter in the USA.

The 6-yr-old La Pomme (Vagabond de la Pomme x Heartbreaker) will get a new stable in Russia for 40,000 euro. In total, eleven horses are going to the USA, including the 5-yr-old Quibero (Quiberry x Cero) for 38,000 euro and Dancer Z (Dominator Z x Onze Fons) for 36,000 euro.

The Netherlands claims the second place with the most acquisitions (9 horses), followed by Germany (8). For 34,000 euro Kawasaki P (Douglas x Lupicor) will go to Germany and Jötun (Cartano x Larome) will stay in the Netherlands. Labella V (Etoulon VDL x Mylord Carthago) goes to Great Britain for 34,000 euro. 

Breeding auction
The monthly will be continued from 5 to 8 March with a breeding edition. This collection specifically consists of unborn showjumping foals bred by Mario Everse and Alan Waldman themselves. They are bred out of successful sport families and have sires that are proven progenitors and good sport horses. There is still an opportunity to include (unborn) foals and possibly (brood)mares from third parties in the collection. Applications are possible until 16 February.

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