Mar 30, 2024 · Wendy Scholten

We have received so many wonderful messages this week about former auction horses that we are already looking forward to what this collection will do in the future. We have sold very good horses and we have another very special collection to sell.

The bidding has started and we have already received several spontaneous bids! We'll close on Tuesday, April 2, so you have the entire Easter weekend to study all the videos, photos and information. Until closing, we will continue adding videos to the website to give the best possible impression of the horses (and two ponies).

We cannot be grateful enough to the breeders who give us the opportunity to present such a collection. We have horses from the best bloodlines and real rough diamonds who look very promising for the future. We also have experienced horses that will make many youth riders very happy. Professionals, amateurs and youth riders can indulge themselves.

More advantages of buying via

  • The horses have all been assessed and selected by professionals
  • They all came to Stal Everse, a new environment for them which reveals their attitude
  • They have been checked by our veterinarians
  • The price-quality is really very good, as we are constantly told that it is
  • The sellers (often breeders) successfully ride with our world-wide reach and we always offer a lot of choice to the buyers

Do you have questions? Let us know!

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