Nov 26, 2022 · Wendy Scholten

Hello December, our 29th auction collection is online again and just look at it!

Did you know that we started with Youhorse.auction during the first Covid-19 lockdown? The idea was to realise better sales for our own horses and breeding products and young showjumping horses, but the door soon opened for other breeders and colleagues. There was such a lot of demand. The result: we have been able to please a gigantically large number of horse owners world-wide with our auction horses.

There is still a large offer of horses. The number of horses under saddle that we are offered is steadily increasing. Some breeders even place their horses with a rider and choose our auction as a showroom for their breeding product. That is really great, isn’t it? Most horses come directly from their breeders and that is an aspect that appeals to many clients. They are genuine ‘rough diamonds’ that may well grow into something very special.

This collection again contains extremely interesting horses. Some of them are mares that are fantastic free jumpers with such exciting pedigrees that you can first use them as broodmares for a year. But that is up to the client, of course.

We also offer three broodmares in foal from a breeder who wants to reduce the number of horses he keeps and a superbly jumping foal that was born a little late in the year and therefore missed out on most foal auctions. There is plenty of choice again, both for the professional and amateur rider.

Enjoy watching this collection! Which present will you give yourself this month?

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