Nov 7, 2023 · Wendy Scholten

We have already received so many enthusiastic responses to this collection that we are not easily surprised, but one bidder from Egypt started his bidding adventure very motivated yesterday. He offered 1 million euros for one of the auction horses! We've removed this offer because it's probably too good to be true.

It's Otto is popular
But... the tone has been set and in a couple of hours it will be exciting again at the end of the auction. The KWPN-approved stallion It's Otto is popular in many countries. We've received bids on all horses from all over the world. From Europe to Saudi Arabia. From Tunisia to Puerto Rico.

In addition to showjumping horses with show experience and young(er) talents, including potential equitation winners, hunters and eventing horses, we have a jumping foal and a dressage horse in our collection.

Good trading prices
The prices will again be very diverse, making it interesting for everyone to participate in the auction. It has also been proven more than once that we have good trading prices, as many horses have already been resold. Register, log in and keep an eye on the bids!

Anyone who has registered, has automatic access to the x-rays and veterinary reports. Did you win the auction and payed the invoice? We are happy to help you with the shipping. We have a worldwide network of horse transporters, so that your new purchase will be delivered at your stables with the best care, anywhere in the world.

Have fun during this auction.
The first group start closing at 8.30pm CET.

If you have any questions, let us know!

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