Mar 2, 2024 · Wendy Scholten

Did you know that our auction has never been so large and diverse and ends in one evening, Tuesday March 5?

More importantly, the quality is also very good. Professional riders can find several special horses, but amateur riders, traders and breeders can also shop to their heart's content.

We have received a lot of enthusiastic reactions. Our WhatsApp button on the website is working overtime. Be sure to continue to use it. We are ready to answer all your questions.

It's a Valhalla to find out. What do we have:

* 36 horses jumping under saddle
* 27 free jumpers
* 3 dressage bred horses
* 9 broodmares
* 5 embryos (implanted or frozen)
* 3 yearlings with a lot of talent

Shopping on Youhorse.auction has many advantages:

  • You can see a large number of horses on one website, which makes it easy to compare them
  • They have been selected on talent, character and health
  • You see them jump and move
  • They are described by professionals, so that you get a good idea of what they are like and what family they come from

Viewing by appointment
Most auction horses sell online based on the videos and trust, without people having seen them in real life. But it is possible. Various horses have been tried out or viewed and there are still several appointments in the agenda. Would you also like to see a horse in the flesh? This is possible up to the last day, just before the auction closes on Tuesday at 8:30 PM CET.

Additional videos
Good to know: In recent weeks, great show results have been achieved by the older horses. Some of the younger horses who are just saddle broken, have made their first jumps out of canter or even completed a small course. We will continue to add all these videos to the website.

Any questions? Let us know. You can also leave a bid on our website. The auction ends on Tuesday, March 5.

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