Apr 4, 2023 · Wendy Scholten

Experience shows that the bidding on the horses is on fire in the last minutes, but we have already received many bids!

We look forward to the end of the auction and are curious into who's hands these horses will fall. There surely will be something for every budget.

European bidders are on edge, but Saudi Arabia, Canada, America, Mexico, Romania, Iran, Egypt, Palestine, Japan and India are also joining the fray.

Those who pay close attention will also see a number of horses in this auction that we have sold before. Unfortunately, they have not been paid, for example auction topper Ongering (Verdi). The highest bidder doesn't respond to phone calls or emails. The owner has so much confidence in and a good outcome that he has offered the horse again. It is a special horse, so another great chance to buy him.

Fortunately, there are more success stories to tell about sold horses and many more to come. The messages from satisfied owners keep coming in and we also have a few nice references to share (see below).

Are you joining the bidding? The auction begins to close at 8:30 PM CET. Don't forget to check out the latest videos.

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