Dec 24, 2022

End the year with fireworks! We have published our New Year's collection online and look forward to a great start of the new auction year. This 31st auction ends on Tuesday, January 3.

This collection stands out because of the large number of young, talented jumping horses. They are currently two years old, but officially three the first of January.

Interesting offer
These diamonds in the rough don't know a lot yet, but most of them showed themselves very well during the video day. The fact that they will soon be a year older makes it more interesting for purchasing. In any case, we are happy with the horses offered by the breeders, because there are very special horses that you normally do not come across quickly.

Check out the ridden horses as well. Some already have a lot of show experience, others have jumped a line. There are fantastic horses among them. And don't forget the two broodmares!

Up for auction again
It is a pity that we have been waiting too long for payment from buyers on previously auctioned horses. As we approach the end of the year, we have decided to auction them again. So there are some well-known horses in this collection, but they are so promising that we would like to auction them again. We are convinced that the new owners will be happy with these horses.

We wish you happy holidays. Share great moment together and perhaps choose something beautiful from our collection.

We would like to thank all entrants and buyers for their trust last year and our team for all the efforts and enthusiasm. We hope for many great collaborations and successful sales again next year.

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