May 29, 2021 · Wendy Scholten · Youngster & Ridden 29/5-1/6

The online auction is open! And we have more news to share with you...

☑ The auction order will be as shown on the website, they will be auctioned in groups of 3

☑ The online auction starts closing on Tuesday evening June 1 at 20.30 pm CET (local time)

☑ Did you know that many auction horses are bred out of proven damlines? This is especially interesting with the young horses. A lot of sport from the damline does not guarantee succes, but does give a lot of certainty that the offspring will do very well in the future as well. In Holland we say: There are no apples under a pear tree :-)

☑ The advantage of buying on compared to foal- and embryo auctions is that you immediately see what you are buying. How do they jump? What is their height and how is their health? And..., not unimportant, you can start quickly with these horses!

For now: thanks for all the phone calls and messages and good luck with the bidding! We are here for you if you have any questions.

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