Apr 14, 2020

The auction conditions for each horse to be sold are available in Dutch. In order to make it easier for you, we give a summary of the most important points.

1. The first edition of starts on Friday 17 April at 14.00 hours. On Sunday 19 April, starting at 19.30 hours (Central European Summer Time), the horses will be knocked down online in groups of 5. If a bid is received in the last five minutes before the designated closing time, the closing time will be extended with five minutes (each time). Five minutes after the last bid the auction of the relevant horse is closed.

2. To partake in the online bidding, you must register via our website. Select a strictly personal user name and password to get access to the bidding system. The highest bid per horse is stated on the auction site.

3. Bidding shall proceed as follows:
€ 500 per bid up to € 20,000
€ 1000 per bid from € 20,000 to €40,000
€ 2000 per bid from € 40,000 to €60,000
thereafter bids go up with € 5,000 per bid

4. The knock-down amount is increased by 10% auction costs. Buyer from within the European Union will be charged 21% VAT over the total amount.

5. Payment shall be made within seven calendar days after the date of the purchase agreement into the bank account of After payment, the horse shall be collected within fourteen days at the latest, unless the buyer qualifies for our special ‘Corona-deal’. A buyer who does not so qualify and who does not collect his horse within mentioned period will be charged costs of stabling and care.

6. Also good to know: does not take out an insurance on behalf of the buyers of the horses. Buyer can do so themselves when desirable.

We hope to have made proceedings more clear with the above points. We are happy to answer further questions. Call or mail us and we will contact you as soon as possible.


Mario Everse: +31653241784
Alan Waldman: +31625008286


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