Jun 16, 2020 · Wendy Scholten · 2-3 Years & 4 years and Older (June, 2020)

After the two day, Mario Everse and Alan Waldman are only getting more enthusiastic. “I have the strong feeling that we should go on with this”, says Mario Everse when the auction is over. His F.Termie R (by Lasino) was Tuesday-night’s auction topper, going for 60,000 euro. The international showjumping mare will move to the United Arab Emirates.

Feeling what the market wants
Alan Waldman also sold a number of horses online, such as the 6-yr-old Dianett (Diarado x Irco Mena) to Germany for 36,000 euro, but other sellers did good business too. “It was a very diverse auction with young, unbroken horses to sport horses with international results. We had not yet organised that kind of auction before and we wanted to get a feeling for what the market wants and what not. Looking back, including the auction with the 2- and 3-yr-olds, we can call it a success. Of course, not every lot got sold yet, but the majority did! Besides, the auction was visited on the website by almost 13.000 visitors from 81 different countries. There, we are also growing.”

For 37,000 euro the 7-yr-old Ilay Invictus (Namelus R x Goodtimes) went to Germany. Hertog-Jan Weering (Arezzo VDL x Lux), considered a top-class hunter, went to the USA for 32,000 euro. A buyer from Germany successfully bid 28,000 euro for Jillz (Kannan x Baloubet du Rouet). Prince of the Paddocks (by Thunder van de Zuuthoeve) is leaving for Sweden for 22,000 euro and Baladay Z (by Bamako de Muze) also went to Germany, for 21,000 euro.

Good jumpers, good prices
“It may be clear that horses showing themselves good jumpers are rewarded with good prices. The buyers, on the other hand, managed to get good horses for realistic prices. We will certainly go on doing this. It has become a good platform, that helps the breeders with their sales and we can sell our own horses as well. We have already been offered horses for the next auction.”

Next auctions
The following auction from 25 to 27 July is focussed on breeding. “Then we offer embryo’s, foals and broodmares from our best breeding lines.” From 15 to 18 August there will be another online auction for young horses and horses under saddle. Owners can offer their horses already now via the website Photograph/video days will always take place two weeks before the auctions.



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