Mar 6, 2024 · AW · Young Horses, horses under the saddle & Breeding 2 - 5 March

The 83-item auction collection from will, after Tuesday-night 5 March, fly out all over the world. The remarkable sport talents and interestingly bred broodmares and embryos had raised world-wide interest.  

“We had a wonderful evening! With a collection of 83 items, including young talents, experienced competition horses, broodmares and even embryo’s, we could cater for every taste. Even so, the auction game is always exciting, especially with a collection that size. This time we did not get any gassers pricewise, but there was a wide top. There were some absolutely great horses among them, which will definitely bring the owners a lot of pleasure. Some stables were so motivated that they invested in several horses. With just a few exceptions, they all got sold and that is what it is all about!”, says auction organiser Mario Everse afterwards. 

Western hemisphere
The United States often are the front runner in Youhorse.auctions and this time they claimed 15 talents. One American stables even managed to collect four horses. For the 4-yr-old mare Carlita JT Z (Chapper x Ciro Z) the auction hammer dropped at 22,000 euro. Two mares, the 5-yr-old Olena OMHG (Maestro vd Bischop x Escudo I) and the 6-yr-old Contida Heldenlaan Z (Connect x Darco) went for 20,000 euro. The 4-yr-old gelding Potter SPS (All Star x Baloubet du Rouet) will cross the ocean for 18,000 euro. 

A considerable number of the collection will leave for the western hemisphere. Four horses will continue their careers in Canada and four will go to Panama.  Among the latter is the 8-yr-old Theodore de Landry Z (Thunder van de Zuuthoeve x Lord Z) and the 6-yr-old Sangiovese di Fer (Jenson van ’t Meulenhof x Tornesch), who were sold for 22,000 euro each.

Embryo from GP-mare Tinkabell 12 
Spanish buyers purchased nine horses. The same number of horses will remain in the Netherlands, such as the 4-yr-old Pedrosa TL (Poker de Mariposa x Kojak) and the 5-yr-old Navajo BR Z (Nixon van ’t Meulenhof x Chellano Z).

Germany and Italy secured three horses each. France made seven purchases, including the most expensive implanted embryo. A bid of 12,000 euro was good for the unborn foal by Chacco Blue and the 1.60m Grand Prix mare Tinkabell 12. The highest price paid for the broodmares, 10,000 euro, was for the 6-yr-old Nostalgique d’Andrea W (Stakkato Gold x Marome NW), a daughter of the 1.60m Grand Prix mare Andrea. She will go to Estonia. Buyers from countries such as Puerto Rico, Cyprus, Jordan and the United Arabian Emirates also placed winning bids. 

Next auction on 2 April
The next edition of is due soon enough: Tuesday 2 April the newest collection will change hands. “In April we will persist by the proven recipe and we will auction a group of talented loose jumpers and ridden horses. Monday 11 and Tuesday 12 March we have reserved for the selection and video days. If anyone wants to sell a remarkable sport talent, please report to”, Mario Everse advises.

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