Jun 6, 2022 · Wendy Scholten · Digishots · Youngsters & ridden 4 June - 7 June 2022

Today, not America, but France and Spain were the biggest buyers of the Youhorse.auction, with three purchases each. Part 1 of the two-day Youhorse.auction went smoothly and sales were even made to Mexico, South Africa and Argentina. The prices of the 31 auction horses varied from 7,500 to 34,000 euros.

The auction highlight was the 4-year-old Norway VZ (Aganix du Seigneur x Mr.Blue) for 34,000 euros. After a bidding duel against a multiple Olympic rider, the chestnut leaves for Spain.

The 3-year-old Quabri Lady S Z (Quabri de l'Isle x Mylord Carthago) is going to Switzerland for 28,000 euros. Two horses were sold for 24,000 euros: Socrates of Love (Malito de Reve) moves to Poland and Never Give Up (Cicero Z Van Paemel) to Belgium.

On Tuesday 7 June, part 2 will be auctioned in this June edition, again a very interesting group of horses. It is said that there are a number of excellent showjumping horses again. We expect an exciting bidding.

Want to know more? Check www.youhorse.auction for the collection.

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