Sep 6, 2023 · AW · Loosejumpers, Ridden horses & Breeding auction 2 - 4 & 5 September

The impressive and varied collection attracted two well-attended auction evenings for Youhorse.auction. The 11-yr-old 1.40m level showjumping horse Harrera formed, with 40,000 euro, a fitting finale of the September auction. 

After two stirring but successful evenings the Youhorse.auction organisation can draw up the balance. Mario Everse, who, together with Alan Waldman, set up this auction series, is looking back on them with satisfaction: “Well, we’ve done it! These were two great days with a healthy dose of auction excitement. Because of the large and varied collection, we had decided to split up the auction and there was even so much interest that the website had a hard time coping with all the visitors. “A good point for evaluation”, grins Mario Everse, “but we are naturally very proud of the fact that so many people know how to find us and that we continue to grow!” 

Interest in the Dutch auction came from all over the world. Bidders from Iran and Puerto Rico, for example, managed to claim an auction horse and stables from all over Europe invested in one or more talents. The 6-yr-old mare Udine J.J. Z (Ultimo van ter Moude x Contendro) may continue her career in the United Kingdom for 28,000 euro and buyers from Poland placed the winning bid of 20,000 euro for Quinn van de Kwachthoeve (Lavillon x Calypso III). 

The USA was leader of the list with eight purchases, including the auction topper Harrera (Namelus x Nairobi). The 11-yr-old mare with experience in 1.40m classes went for 40,000 euro. The 6-yr-old geldings Rocky (Vigo d’Arsouilles x Zirocco Blue VDL) and Marquez (Dallas VDL x Marlon) going for 26,000 euro and 22,000 euro respectively, will also cross over to the USA. 

Next auction 3 October

On 11 and 12 September the Youhorse.auction team will compile the next collection. “Next Monday and Tuesday will stage the video- and selection-days for the October auction. In this edition, that will close on Tuesday 3 October, we hope to again offer a fine group of free jumpers, ridden horses and breeding stock for sale. Anyone who wants to sell a remarkable talent can register via www.youhorse.auction”, says Mario Everse. 

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