Apr 2, 2024 · Wendy Scholten

Not so easy to find so many good horses and especially for fair prices. Grab your chance today. We sell young promises, amateur horses and stunning showjumping horses with show experience.

In the that closes today we have good horses for very interesting prices. Of course, that may change as the auction progresses, but the fact is that there are always bargains for sale.

Satisfied buyers
We receive enthusiastic messages from buyers about the auction horses almost every day. About their progress, the show results, but also about resale. Many come back to score a new talent.

The advantage of compared to many other auctions is that we show as many of the horses as possible. They can be easily assessed and compared with other horses by always showing the same structure in a new environment.

They have been pre-selected and inspected by veterinarians. Anyone can register and have immediate access to the x-rays and veterinary reports.

Ask your question
In the meantime, the WhatsApp button on the website is also being used a lot. If you have a question, press the button. An easy way to get in touch with us directly. We don't just want to score with good horses, but with our transparency and good accessibility.

What will it be for you? We have:

  • Horses with show experience up to 1.35m level
  • Horses who are just saddle broken and already can jump under the saddle
  • Loose jumpers
  • 3 broodmares
  • 2 ponies
  • 1 embryo from Emerald out of a 1.60m Grand Prix mare

We love to hear from you!
Good luck with your bidding today.

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