Mar 4, 2023 · Wendy Scholten

Nothing more fun than meeting customers in person. Last weeks Mario was at the Sunshine Tour in Spain and has spoken to a lot of people. About sold auctions horses that are developing very well, but also about the upcoming collection.

Alan is in Wellington (USA) these days. If you want to meet him in person, you can call or text him.

We are already close to the end of this March auction. The bidding started today and we are closing on Tuesday 7 March.

The collection has been very well received so far.

The horses are so diverse. Think of a beautiful pony, several hunter and equitation prospects, potential eventing horses, but of course a lot of jumping horses. We have green horses, horses with show experience and real schoolmasters.

Those who want to enjoy an interestingly bred jumping foal soon can even buy a pregnant broodmare.

We regularly get the question whether the horses can be viewed and the answer is yes! Until Tuesday 20.30h CET, everyone is welcome at our stables or at the location of the horses' owners. Until then we will keep uploading new videos, because there are nice developments of the horses to show.

Please take the time to review the collection this weekend and let us know if you have any questions.

Online bidding is from 4 to 7 March

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