Sep 5, 2023 · AW · Loosejumpers, Ridden horses & Breeding auction 2 - 4 & 5 September

The September auction of Youhorse.auction had a flying start on Monday-night. The sBs-licensed stallion Jackpot L’Evidence was this evening’s winner: the Appaloosa changed hands for 30,000 euro. Tonight, Tuesday 5 September, the second part of the collection comes under the hammer. 

Co-organizer Mario Everse; “As this time we managed to compose such a large and varied collection, we had decided to spread the sales over two days. Monday-night we set out with 36 horses and tonight we will auction the same number. Buyers managed to get very good horses for attractive prices and we believe that they will be very happy with their purchases.”

Monday night’s jackpot was claimed by Belgium, which is where the 4-yr-old Appaloosa Jackpot L’Evidence (Jo de Labarde x Patrol) will be further trained. The sBS-licensed stallion was, due to his jumping talents and exceptional color, one of the eye-catchers of the collection and celebrated this by going for the top price of 30,000 euro. 

Not only the auction topper went abroad, also bidders from, amongst other countries, Kuwait, Iran, Poland, Spain, Germany and Canada got their money’s worth. Australian buyers paid 18,000 euro for the 5-yr-old gelding Sandokan (Emerald van ’t Ruytershof x Guidam). The 7-yr-old Bellini (Barcley x Calido I) closely followed him with 17,000 euro, he can now develop his 1.30m level experience further in Italy. The 6-yr-old gelding Matsho K (Good Fellow VDL x Ahorn) went to the United Kingdom for 16,000 euro. The same price was paid for Confetti Z (Corico x Cavalier). This 6-yr-old gelding will also cross over to the USA. 

Tonight part two

The organization is excited for the second round. Tonight as from 20.30 hours CET another 36 horses will be auctioned.  “Youhorse.auction’s every edition offers good opportunities and this month even on two nights. I can promise you that also the second part of the collection contains remarkable horses, so have a quick look at the website”, Mario Everse advises.

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