Apr 3, 2024 · AW · 'Easter' auction March 30 - April 2 Loose jumpers, under the saddle & Breeding

The April auction of Youhorse.auction formed the resounding conclusion of the Easter weekend. The talented collection attracted eager buyers and the interest shown from clients abroad was once more remarkable. The 9-yr-old Klaverjasser (Dexter R) proved himself, being knocked down at 50,000 euro, the auction’s star.

The successful auction generated a happy mood among the Youhorse.auction organisation: “We just had a super auction! We managed to realise a high sales percentage and please buyers from all over the world. It is always amazing to see how large the scope of Youhorse.auction has become. Our auction is an interesting sales channel for breeders who like to see their products displayed in the international show window. Horses from this edition were sold to buyers from all the corners of the world, not just within Europe but also to countries such as China, Guatemala, South Africa, Thailand, the USA and Canada. Of all the horses sold only seven will stay in the Netherlands. So export is running full speed”, Mario Everse concludes.

Klaverjasser (Dexter R x Mr. Blue) played the best hand: on Tuesday-evening American buyers laid down 50,000 euro for the 9-year-old gelding with experience at 1.35m level .

The 3-year-old Hoshi vh Eikenhof (Hamilton Z x Luxius) will cross over to the USA for 24,000 euro. Noran PB Z (Nixon van ’t Meulenhof x Baloubet) was, being a half-brother to the Grand Prix stallion Carrera VDL, already beforehand tipped off as one of the high-lights in the collection. A buyer from Guatemala placed the highest bid of 30,000 euro.

Part of the collection stays in Europe. Switzerland invested in four talents and buyers from France, Sweden and Spain claimed three horses. The 6-year-old Naluga Keizersberg (Scotch on Ice Z x Balou du Rouet) will go to Slovakia for 24,000 euro. A Danish buyer placed the winning bid of 22,000 euro for the 8-year-old mare Kanada (Kannan x Andiamo Z). The 4-year-old gelding Untouchable Junior Heldenlaan (Untouchable x Clinton I) will leave for Poland for the same amount.

Another three horses went for 20,000 euro: the 6-year-old Devil MV Z (Dominator 2000 Z x Zorro) will move to Germany, the 5-year-old Only Power (Poker de Mariposa x Brainpower) goes to Turkey and the 5-year-old mare Ti Amo Ema (Coraggio vh Bloemenhof x Zucchero) ended up in Portuguese hands. 

Next edition on 7 May
Organiser Mario Everse is already looking ahead to the next auction: “Mark Tuesday 7 May in your agenda, for then we will sell a group of talented loose jumpers and horses under saddle. Monday 15 and Tuesday 16 April we will organise the related selection and video days. If there are people who want to sell a very good sport talent, they can register it via www.youhorse.auction.”

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