Jul 4, 2023 · Wendy Scholten

The interest in the auction horses of our 37th collection is so great that we expect it to be an exciting auction for everyone today.

Tonight (in the Netherlands) from 8.30 pm CET we  will start closing the first group of horses. In total we have 61 three to fourteen years old horses.  From green to show experience at 1.50m level.

We do notice that more and more bidders don't show all their cards and strike at the last minute. Anyone who is looking for a new purchase should definitely stay logged in and follow the auction closely. Everything happens last minute, although there are always some horses that leave for less money than expected.

Will you go for your favorite?  Or will you be scrolling online between the bargains? In both cases it will be a good choice. We have seen all the horses with our own eyes, selected them and had them checked by our veterinarians. As a result, we stand behind every horse for 100 percent!

For questions you can email, WhatsApp or call us.

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