Oct 2, 2023 · Wendy Scholten

One thing is certain: it will be another exciting evening for us today. Not everyone knows that we have divided this collection over two days, so here's a reminder!

Auction part 1: Monday October 2
Auction part 2: Tuesday October 3
The first lots will be sold at 8:30 PM CET

Anyone who scrolls through the collection will see that many horses are still on low prices and those who pay attention can get their hands on something for little money. Register and you have immediate access to the X-rays and reports from the veterinarians.

Part 1 of the auction is as varied as the entire collection. We have jumping horses (from green to 1.45m level), foals, broodmares, embryos and dressage horses. The all-round pony is also for sale tonight.

Tip: Make sure that you follow your favorite horse until the last minute, because the most bids are coming in at the end and it would be disappointing if you just miss out in the bidding duel.

In any case, we have a collection that will make many people happy. From amateurs to professionals, from hunters and equitation riders to dressage fans and breeders. What are you still looking for for your stable?

Any questions? Let us know...

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