Feb 6, 2023 · Wendy Scholten

What you need to know about our Valentine's auction? That part 1 already ends in a couple of hours!

We have no less than 69 horses and 1 pony in the collection and that was the reason to spread the auction over two days. Part 2 will close tomorrow, Tuesday 7 February.

Even though it is our 32nd online auction, it is always exciting for us and the owners of the auction horses. Experience shows that buyers keep their cards to their chest. More and more people are waiting until the last seconds to place a bid. So anything can happen in the last minutes.

Fair prices
It's nice to see is that the prices are almost always in line with the market. The prices are transparent. There are no agents or trainers who take their horse sale commission and the horse owners are realistic and eager to sell.

For example, hundreds of horses have already been sold via and we receive numerous apps, videos and photos from satisfied customers every week. About their successes at shows, that they enjoy the horses at home or that they have already resold their investment.

So check out our Valentine's collection one more time and let us know if you have any questions. We are here for you!

End of bidding:
Part 1 on Monday 6 February
Part 2 on Tuesday 7 February
Both days from 8.30 pm CET

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