Aug 2, 2022 · Wendy Scholten

What will it be for you? A (young) sport horse, an exclusive jumping foal or a valuable breeding addition? The 25th collection is very diverse. Last days it has been busy for us and the team, but we're almost ready for the auction. It will be a fun and exciting evening!

The latest conformations of pregnancy have been uploaded, even as some videos of the horses and extra X-rays. Have you already discovered the updates on the website?

Additional information about buying foals and broodmares:

  • The foals stay with their dam for at least 4.5 months, after which they can be picked up. This also applies if the mare in question has been sold in the auction. Payment must be made within a week, but the responsibility for up to 4.5 months remains with the breeder annex seller.
  • If you buy a mare with a foal together, they can be picked up immediately after payment.
  • The broodmares with an insemination form have not officially been scanned for pregnancy yet. If they are not pregnant, they can be covered again at the seller's expense.

Do you want to insure your latest acquisition? That's possible. We'll send you information together with the invoice, after which you decide whether you want to take out insurance for your sport horse, foal, embryo or broodmare.

Good luck with bidding!

The auction start closing today 2 August 20.30 hrs (CET).

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