Jan 2, 2024 · Wendy Scholten

Happy New Year! For us, 2024 couldn't start better, because everyone is so enthusiastic about the collection. Join us today, Tuesday 2 January, and try your luck in a bidding duel.

It will be an exciting evening again! No matter how many auctions we have organized, you never get used to the tension in the last hours. Most bidders keep their cards to their chest and only log in to place a bid in the last minutes of the auction.

We do have high expectations for today, because there is a lot of interest in the collection, from new people and bidders who already have bought horses from us before.

It is also a very diverse group of horses, from 1.5 year olds to showjumping horses at 1.40m level and even a couple of broodmares. The embryo out of a 1.60m Grand Prix mare is also  very interesting.

Last videos online
We are still busy updating the website, because we have received several new videos of auction horses. From being tried out by other riders, but also at the request of potential bidders.

The fact is that you can shop at for a good price/quality ratio. Several times a week we receive messages from satisfied buyers and that gives the entire team a lot of satisfaction.

Have fun with bidding. Are you still looking for a place for rearing, birth support of the foals or training of the horses? Let us know and we will get you in touch with the right stables.

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