Dec 30, 2023 · Wendy Scholten

Bidding on our New Year's Collection has started. There is no better start than with new intentions: the purchase of a new horse, for sport, breeding and/or as an investment.

Our closes on Tuesday, January 2 and we are curious to which parts of the world the horses will go this time. There is already plenty of enthusiasm, given all the e-mails, phone calls and WhatsApp messages, but it is also reflected in the first bids.

'Grow diamonds'
Shopping on is interesting for many people. The better, older horses are becoming almost unaffordable and here you can find young talent that can become an 'unaffordable' horse. Again we have the so-called 'growing diamonds' in our collection, from which we expect a lot in the future. If you are looking for more experience, these horses are also available, even up to 1.40m level.

Additional videos
Various horses have now been to shows and we have added new videos to the website. From Olivia Polo (Dakar VDL x Amadeus), for example, who finished third in the class for four-year-old show jumping horses in Delft. A careful jumper with a top attitude, also suitable for a youth rider who wants to make the transition from ponies to horses.

It's Otto is back
You may have seen some names before, such as the KWPN-approved stallion It's Otto (Etoulon VDL), who is classified at 1.40m level. These are horses that we have already auctioned before, but have never received payment for. Unfortunately, we are still dealing with that. Because there is no reason not to pay for them, we are offering them again. Good, interesting and healthy horses, which we recommend to add to your stables.

Low starting rates
Have you also seen that we have very low starting rates on the accounts of the one- and two-year-olds (we have 12 yearlings and 20 2,5-year-olds)? This way everyone can find something that suits their budget. We can also take care of the rearing, as well as the stabling and training of the older horses if desired. Many buyers have already used this possibility to their satisfaction.

Do you have any questions? Let us know.
Good luck with the bidding and a Happy New Year.

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