May 3, 2023 · Wendy Scholten · Spring Collection Youngsters & ridden 29 april - 2 mei

The spring collection from continued a sunny atmosphere also on the second auction night. The top-quality Baltic VDL-son Orange turned out to be the auction topper: for 34,000 euro he will go to the USA. 

After the successful auction on Monday-night, part two of the spring collection was knocked down on Tuesday-night. Mario Everse already revealed on the Tuesday morning to have high expectations and he was right: “The second auction also went well and we realised a lot of sales, including a few sizzlers.”

The 4-yr-old Orange (Baltic VDL x Burggraaf) is leader of this list with a winning bid of 34,000 euro. The light-footed chestnut gelding, jumping with a powerful take-off and carefulness, can be on his way to the USA. The internationally placed Baby Blue (Action Blue x Hattrick) also knew how to get attention; the 7-yr-old mare was sold to Iran for 32,000 euro. 

The also 7-yr-old gelding Lavino JE (Douglas x Toulon) went for 22,000 euro and in Canada can follow in the footsteps of his sport family. The 4-yr-old Orpheus (Arezzo VDL x Corrado I) charmed German buyers with her remarkable free jumping technique and for 22,000 euro scored the best sales price among the rough diamonds of the auction. 

The 6-yr-old Martigny (Kannan x Darco) was sold for 20,000 euro to Turkey and the 5-yr-old Noalynn-HW (Innocent x Indoctro) will go to the USA for the same amount. Not far behind followed the 3-yr-old stallion Ugo-K van Kattenheye (Vigo d’Arsouilles x Germus R) and for 19,000 euro he will go to Spain.

In the end the spring collection was distributed over nineteen different countries. The USA, with seven purchases, was leading buyer, closely followed by Germany with 6 hits, in turn followed by Canada (4), Spain (3) and Morocco (3).  

Selection days on 15 and 16 May
After the completion of this successful 35th edition, the next auction on the agenda is already claiming attention. Mario Everse laughs: “It has become regular routine by now: the first Tuesday-night of the month means We hope to offer another impressive group of ridden horses and free jumpers for sale on 6 June. The collection will be picked out during the selection days on 15 and 16 May. Any people who have a remarkable talent for sale, may enter the horse via,” Mario Everse concludes. 

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