May 6, 2024 · Wendy Scholten

These are the days to be alert and follow Today May 6 and tomorrow May 7 our online auction will end in two different groups. We have so many horses (and two ponies) that there is undoubtedly something special for you. Whether you are a professional or an amateur rider, dealer, breeder or hobbyist.

Every auction shows that our price-quality ratio is excellent. Horse lovers with a small budget can also succeed at and it has often been proven that a horse is resold for a profit. That immediately explains why we have repeat buyers from all over the world.

Have you checked the current prices yet? Part 1 of the auction with 41 horses closes today at 8:30 PM (CET) and later and that's when things really get interesting. Most bidding takes place in the last minutes. Always exciting to follow.

The advantage of this edition: If you are unable to buy something today, you will have a new chance tomorrow. In any case, check on which day your favorite will be auctioned.

Do you have any questions? Let us know.

Feel free to use the WhatsApp button on our website. We are always available, even during the auction. Do you have the winning bid? We will help you with further handling and transport, wherever you live.

Have fun bidding.

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