May 4, 2022 · Wendy Scholten · Digishots · Youngsters & ridden 30 April - 3 May 2022

The Americans claimed nine horses in the 22nd on Tuesday 3 May. Not a surprise, considering that there were several hunter and equitation prospects in the collection, but also the showjumping horses had their attention. Already early on in the auction 66,000 was offered for the 4-yr-old, superbly jumping N Dominantje (Dominator Z x Calvados) and no-one topped that.

Bids came from all over the world and quite a lot of sales were realized. Spain, Italy and the Netherlands, with four purchases each, finished in second place, followed by Denmark and Great Britain with three each.

“We can only be happy. About the number of people that placed bids, but also about the sellers that just wanted realistic prices. There were several dealers of repute that took their chance and came shopping. We have fancy prices and very realistic ones, which makes this auction very interesting for everyone”, comments Mario Everse, together with Alan Waldman, the organizer.

The prices varied from 6,500 to 66,000 euros. Fifteen horses are sold for 22,000 euros and more. This included the 4-yr-old Cadiz du Miramar (Chacoon Blue x Heartbreaker) going for 38,000 euros to the USA. For 36,000 euros the 5-yr-old Flash Pleasure de Septon (For Pleasure) and the 7-yr-old Glencou van ’t Roosakker (Gemini CL xx) were knocked down. The 7-yr-old Kaerobic (Ganzelot) went for 33,500 euros, the 5-yr-old Midair (In Between x Lux) found a new owner for 32,000 euros.

The 23rd with young and ridden horses will take place from 4 to 7 June. Horses can be entered as from now. The selection and video days are planned for 16 and 18 May at Stal Everse in Waddinxveen.

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