May 8, 2024 · AW · 'Spring in the air' auction May 4 - May 6 & 7 loose jumping & under the saddle

The second auction night of Youhorse.auction finished with a spectacular bidding duel for the 3-yr-old Rodeo (Pegase van ’t Ruytershof x Quasimodo van de Molendreef). For the great sum of 80,000 euro he ended up in the hands of a buyer from the United Emirates. 

The inhabitant of Dubai, who placed the winning bid, had put up a fierce fight with an interested buyer from Mexico. The future is looking sunny for the United Arabian Emirates, for this was not the only young super talent they scored. As many as eight horses from the collection will continue their careers there. For example, the 4-yr-olds Pablo (Jardonnay VDL x Quasimodo van de Molendreef) and Hightana (Highway M TN x Cayetano L). The 6-yr-old mare Clara (Casallco x Quipeggio) and the 7-yr-old mare Malta (Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve x Numero Uno), sold for 40,000 and 32,000 euro, also belong to this group and will even become stable mates with Rodeo.

After Youhorse.auction, on the Monday night, had already sold horses to fourteen different countries, the second part of the collection also found buyers from all over the world. For example, buyers from Tunesia, Mexico and Iran placed winning bids.

The 3-yr-old Periva LF Z (Pegase van ’t Ruytershof x Pilot de Hus) goes to Bulgaria for 18,000 euro. A German stable bought the 3-yr-old stallion Espoir B Z (Emerald van ’t Ruytershof x Montender) for 30,000 euro. The 6-yr-old quality mare Enjoy Z (Emerald van ’t Ruytershof x Caretano Z), who started in last year’s World Breeding Championships for 5-yr-olds, ended up in Dutch hands. 

Organizer Mario Everse says: “Well! That was another good auction night. Remarkable was the popularity of offspring from Van ’t Ruytershof stallions. In these two days we managed to make a lot of our regular clients happy and welcomed new buyers. It is great that they immediately threw themselves into the bidding arena. Of course, we hope that all the buyers will get a lot of pleasure out of these horses!”

New chances on 4 June
The organization of Youhorse.auction is already working behind the screen to prepare the next edition. Mario Everse is looking ahead: “New round, new chances on Tuesday 4 June. In June we focus on sport and breeding. Besides loose jumping talents and horses under saddle we also auction special broodmares, foals and embryos.“

“On Monday 13 and Tuesday 14 May we organize the related selection and video days. The Monday is for foals, broodmares and youngsters. On Tuesday we will build a line of fences and a course for the horses under saddle. If there are people who have a remarkable sport talent, an interesting broodmare, a good foal or a genetically interesting embryo for sale, they can register via www.youhorse.auction.”

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